The Malaysia Club Bayern e.V., a fully registered club, was founded in Munich in 1998 with membership consisting of Malaysians, Germans, Asians and other European nationalities. The objective of this club is to enable members and their families to get together and foster friendship, exchanging news and views, which helps to broaden their outlook in current affairs, and to keep in touch with issues at home.

It’s a non-profit, non-political organization, which concentrates mainly on cultural themes. As a cultural club, we organize various events such as get-togethers, stammtisch, annual dinner and dance, sports and other outdoor and social activities, thus creating opportunities for our members to enjoy the cultural mix and make friends with people from all walks of life.

So, come along and meet the harmony of our club’s multi-culture, get acquainted with people from diverse social and ethnic backgrounds and make great cultural experiences…
Upcoming events
  • March 26: Annual General Meeting in Eine Welt Haus
  • April 7: Stammtisch
  • May 12: Stammtisch – Fei Scho
  • June: Hamburg
  • July 23: Summer Excursion
  • Sep. 1: Merdeka Celebration – BBQ & Potluck
  • October 15: Autumn Excursion
  • Nov. 19/25: Annual Dinner & Dance
  • Dec. 10: Christmas Market in Garmisch
Previous events